Apollo Valves / Conbraco
Ball, butterfly, gate and globe valves, acutators and controls, water guages, mixing valves, water pressure reducing valves, safety relief valves.
Atlantic Feedwater Systems
Boiler feedwater systems, deaerators, and blowdown seperators
Unit, infrared and finishing heaters, Air turnover units
Hydraulic seperation,air and dirt seperation and venting devices,zone valves and relays, temperature mixing stations
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Pressure, temperature and air velocity gagues, flow and level meters, process control, data loggers and recorders
Variable frequency drives, pressure and temperature sensors and transmitters, magnetic and vortex flowmeters and radar level control, all HART capable sensors and transmitters
Feed water tanks and accessories
Hauck Manufacturing Company
Burners, blowers, valves, regulators, flame monitoring and combustion controls
Kentube Engineered Products
Boiler economizers, cylindrical and rectangular
Lockwood Products
Condensate return systems, boiler feed systems, deaerators, pumps,blowdown separators
McDonnell #& Miller
Low water cut-offs, mechanical feeders, flow controls
(Formerly Dunham-Bush) Steam traps, centrifugal, pumps, condensate return tanks, pressure reducing valves, temperature control valves
Miljoco Corporation
Commercial, industrial, adn specialty pressure guages and accessories, industrial, bimetal, vapor actuatores, drum and digital thermometers
Security Chimneys
Stack for condensing and non-condensing boilers, commercial chimneys, grease ducts, diesel and bio-fuel exhaust applications
TOPOG-E Gasket Company
Manhole gaskets, handhole gaskets, custom boiler gaskets and sheet gaskets
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